So far… July 2018

The farm has been running itself for most of July, with of course a little help from Gowda39406841_1072171989609789_5759930110375362560_n and some friends. Luckily, it’s been the monsoon season, so all the crops were gifted with plenty of water which meant Raja could leave the farm without worrying too much. It was a month of wedding celebrations for dear friends which was filled with lots of laughter, and left wonderful memories. We hope your July has been filled with joy too!

Since June, when we talked of our weekly market, we have changed the frequency from ‘weekly’ to every ‘two weeks’. We found that the amount of produce we were transporting and the costs of transportation, for now, deemed it more appropriate to hold the market twice a month, on a Saturday morning, working out to be around every two weeks.

Apart from the transportation costs, the market seems to be going quite well. We have a growing customer base and the word seems to be spreading about our ‘pop-up’ market. From the farmers’ perspectives, overall, we’ve had positive feedback. We still need to increase the public’s awareness of the market and correct the small details that are costing profit, such as the transportation, but we are getting there.

Since 2017, Raja has been learning the art of natural soap making, using essential oils, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus flower, Hibiscus leaf and naturally occurring soap called saponin, which is found inside the berries produced by the Sapindus Mukorossa tree, native to the Himalayan region. The combination of ingredients was passed on from other natural soap makers in the North, we have merely modified the scent and health benefiting properties of the soap (the essential oils). We are now producing shampoo bars, body wash and baby care bars, which are made with extra care for sensitive skin. The reviews so far give us confidence that they are fit for their purpose; leaving hair silky smooth and skin without any irritation. The plus to it all is that they are environmentally friendly! These are now available at the weekly market or directly through Raja.

We will be back in August to show you all the progress with the farmhouse and plastering. It’s getting there… splash of colour by splash of colour.

Although this video was produced in June, we thought it would be a nice to have a look into the farm-life. Enjoy the rest of July!


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