So far… June 2018

June has been a food-filled month!

The market is starting up in Bangalore at the moment. We’ve had sporadic markets in the past, but we now plan to make weekly. The market will supply people with oil seeds, oils, pulses, grains, vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. We are also selling some handmade natural soap and shampoo bars, nutritious treats and healthy ferments. poster for farm market.png

The market is designed to allow small-scale organic farmers and growers to market their produce directly to the customers. People can ask them questions, build a relationship and also find out more about future produce that will be available.

We’re hoping the market will become a social hub, s space for creativity and learning. Film screenings and hosted talks will become a regular event, providing an opportunity for people to drop in and learn about food, nutrition, farming, the environment and many other things.

We want the market to become a really positive and enjoyable experience for both the farmers and the customers.

So here’s a look at the market. We have small stalls dotted about and we are welcoming other organic smallholders to set up their own stalls and also reap some benefits. At the first market, the turn-out wasn’t what we were hoping for, but that’s down to our own marketing, or should we say, lack of it. We’re tackling this by spreading the word through social media and putting posters up around town. Social media has become an integral part of our marketing because it reduces paper use and improves our ability to communicate with the public through providing a free platform to give regular updates. So if you are wanting to know more about the market, keep an eye on our Facebook Page.

We’ll leave it short and sweet today. Enjoy what’s left of June.

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