The Next Chapter

Aranya Eco Village has continued to develop and evolve since Raja began his journey in the village of S.Thattanapalli in 2013. Seven years later, the farm land has been transformed into a fertile environment that has enabled a large variety of fruit, vegetable and grain crops to be grown. Aranya’s been a hub of activity where children and adults alike have spent time learning and enjoying themselves in a reciprocal, rooted relationship with the land. It’s been a home for some, when for others, it been a stop on their journey.

Since mid 2019, Aranya Eco Village has used some of it’s land to run an organic flower farm that’s been managed by Gowda. The rest of the farm has slowly transitioned into Gowda’s son, Danu’s, oversight. Danu is a young farmer who has spent a lot of time at Aranya with Raja learning organic farming methods and permaculture practises. Whilst Raja has been away mentoring and working with other farms, Aranya has continued to flourish under Danu’s management which has been truly lovely to see.

As Raja embarks on the next chapter of Aranya Eco Village, the farm will be left with Danu, village friends and all the volunteers to enjoy.

This year will continue on as the last did – supporting local farmers in different regions to develop their understanding of organic farming and help them transition away from chemical based agriculture. Along the way, Aranya Eco Village is planning to register itself as a not-for-profit organisation that can help small-scale farmers to collaborate and support one another to transition back to an ecological, sustainable approach to food production.

Working together makes us stronger.