So Far… March 2019

It feels like only last month that we were writing about how time flies when you’re having fun… It was nine weeks ago since that blog post and what we said couldn’t be more true! Time has flown by whilst we have been enjoying these hot sunny days with lots of lovely volunteers from many different walks of life (“thank you for all your hard work!”).

Raja (founder) is still away in the North of India spending time with his family and learning about lots of interesting tips and tricks to aid with organic farming (mushroom farming in particular), natural building and sustainable living. We are looking forward to his return to hear all about his curious adventures, and of course, to just have him back at the farm with us all. And of course, once his stories have been shared with us, we will be sure to share them with you too.

…Until that point though, here are a couple of pictures of the month(s) activities, which we must admit, have been hindered slightly by the dry heats of February and March. It has been so hot, even the ponds no longer exist, so we are hoping it is a generous monsoon this year to refresh the farm… And us!



Happy Vibes from Aranya Eco Village!

…We’ll be back soon.


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