So far… May 2018

A quick “Hello!” from us all today.

It’s been a funny month, nothing has been quite as expected. The storm threw a lot of crops out of sync with their normal development, not a major issue, but it’s a bit of a guess-stimating game. The funniness about this month really boils down to the new additions to the Aranya family.

Earlier in May Raja took a trip a little North and stopped off at his old home and ‘friendship family’, Sadhana Forest, Puducherry. Whilst he was there he met two new friends who soon became two new companions….


Meet Jugar and Javad. We expect they are the kittens of, at the time, the kitten that we shared our accommodation with at Sadhana Forest when a few of the team met there some years ago. They have made themselves thoroughly at home at Aranya and now accompany Raja in many of the jobs he does. In the picture above they are nestling up to a dear friend.

Probably the biggest news that we have to share is the arrival of a happy, healthy ‘beautiful’ little calf, called Bal Krishna. Her mother is Radha, who is also healthy and we presume, happy!

We’ll be back again soon!

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