So far… 2nd March 2018

The heat is increasing and both ourselves and the farm are requiring greater and greater amounts of water… Unfortunately, it is quickly being used and the electricity is down in the village, so we cannot extract any groundwater through the pump.

But that doesn’t stop Raja!

He’s actually on the roof of the farmhouse in the photograph above, getting the wooden roofing off to replace it with some roof tiles donated by a man in the village. It’s always worth asking around, because most of the time, another person’s scrap can be turned into a fab new feature. Many of the resources used on Aranya came to the farm because of a quick conversation with a kind stranger.

The farm has looked more like a building site since the re-roofing began. It’s been go go go as per usual, spurred on by Raja’s diligent attitude towards the vision for Aranya.

Until we have the roof up, there won’t be many changes taking place, so it’s just a quick “hello” from us today to keep you up-to-date.

The building site…



…Wishing you a lovely month of March.

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