So far… 5th February 2018

….sculpted face

Smiles all around at Aranya this week! We’ve had brilliant help, from wonderful people. Some of these wonderful people have blessed Aranya with their creativity and left their beautiful art works for us to all enjoy. An example of this art is the sculptured face on the back wall of the farmhouse, in the photograph just to the right.

We think the beard is especially brilliant.

At the moment, pictures seem to speak louder than words…

…so here is our January in pictures!


Farmhouse right wall
The right corner of the farmhouse


Back bottle wall
The back bottle way of the farmhouse











Beginnings of the farmhouse kitchen
Beginnings of the farmhouse kitchen

Temporary seating area

So… it’s becoming a bit easier now to visualise how we hope the layout of everything will be. The little kitchen area will have an opening to the raised patio under the Tamarind tree, helping with ventilation. In the other corner, there will be a seating area with charging points. Like we mentioned earlier, the roofing is being replaced in March, so at the moment, it’s all setup to be completely removable. Once this is done, we’ll be bringing colour and vibrancy to the interior where-ever possible.

 As you are probably fully aware, in some aspects we are learning as we go. We actively ask for inspiration, knowledge and practical help to improve our own skills and the outcome of each endeavour. Most of the construction work, in terms of natural building and vernacular architecture, is well understood by Raja, who has gained much experience in these things over the years. He has also been imparting his knowledge to us. If you ever read about something on our blog and can advise us how to do it better with the resources we have, please share your thoughts! If you’re curious about natural building and would like to see a finished natural build by Raja, visit our older post.

Here are some more pictures of the house to help you see the inside…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you personally have any recommendations or advise for nifty shelving/seating /surfaces that can be created from recycled materials, we’d love love love to hear about them! We are blessed with the company of James, Sebastian, Ahamdamit and Will who are masters at getting nifty fitting features, just look at their wonderful travelling home!

Travelling home
The travelling home

We’ll leave you with this vibrant and inspiring idea….

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