So far… 11th December 2017

Well we are a bit chuffed with ourselves at the moment, just because of the sheer amount of construction work that is underway. Raja has been more than busy, hosting volunteers, growing a few crops and building the farmhouse, bathroom and amenities around the farm. At the moment, our team are working from all over the place. We have one individual who lives far North of India, near to the Himalayas, another in the UK and some of us are from Bangalore, Kerala and the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu (Aranya’s home). Unfortunately this means Raja has been doing the lion’s share of construction and hands on work, so praise must be directed his way. All of the blue prints, building materials and know-how have originated from Raja’s passion to live and develop in a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment. For years he has sourced knowledge on natural building, vernacular and sustainable architecture and ‘eco-friendly living’.

The way in which we organise ourselves as an NGO can be found on our ‘who we are‘ page, so have a browse if you’d like to hear a bit more about us, the core team, and our network of wonderful collaborators we a blessed to work with.

The farmhouse so far…

Slowly we are stripping out the temporary wind-break walls and replacing them with the mud walls. The front of the farmhouse is coming along nicely and we have connected our left wall to the front, so we have a front corner! We are very excited… We can understand it’s a case of ‘you had to be there’. But here’s a little look at how it’s going so far.

11 December 2017 corner wall


11 December 2017 Wall and Volunteers -permission




11 December 2017 Wall and volunteers- ask their permission








The volunteers have been great, they’ve really picked up the pace of things and made it a joy to build the farmhouse. Through the next two months we expect to have almost all of the wall built up to the first beam of the wooden roof frame. Times are getting busier and busier though, more parts to the framework, in which we designed for ourselves, are joining together and connecting with other organisations, institutes, groups and individuals. So that may mean we will have to reduce our time spent on the farmhouse.

So that’s it from us again, we will be back soon. Have a pleasant day from us.


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