So far… 26th November 2017

It was a great monsoon this year, many of the locals were also happy with the abundance it brought. The farm feels so alive and healthy, it’s been a pleasure to work this November. Lets hope December is much the same, ‘ey!

Local flower, people often don't grow them
Local flower species

It’s just a quick post from us today to share the progress of the shower cubicle. We have made a bit of head way with the foundations, so once set, we can create the cubicle. We will make a small bottle wall to join onto the toilet block and curve the back wall using the rammed mud method. The left wall will be a thick metal sheet that we have had for some time. The rammed mud will be the building material and we will use a similar mixture for the mortar in between each, soon to be existing, frame.

So far this is our progress…

Shower foundations
The shower foundations and half painted toilet cubicle

Our volunteer numbers are picking up and there are currently more people visiting than we have had for a while. The progress on the farmhouse is going really well and we’ll be updating you all very soon. We wish you, where ever you are in the world,  a great day!

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