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Welcome to Aranya Eco Village’s blog!

We have put this blog together to keep everyone up-to-date on our progress and developments, allowing you to all be involved wherever you are in the world.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, we will be forming and developing a small farming cooperative that supports local jobs and income stabalisation for smallholder farmers and citizens of S.Thattanapalli village. It is being built on diversification, innovative thinking, collaborative efforts and sustainable production.

Our vision…

…Through partnerships and sustainable production, we are going to explore alternative avenues for smallholder farmers and rural communities to enhance and improve their…

  • ... local food and financial security.
  • …individual health and household well-being.
  • …community infrastructure, in a way that is supportive to rural citizens’ needs and requirements.
  • …local environment and ecosystem integrity, through the promotion of sustainable and regenerative agricultural systems.

We see it as a bottom-up, inclusive and flexible approach to rural development that is underpinned by empowering rural citizens to actualise their own potential.

To hear more about our vision and how we are planning to undertake it all, visit our ‘about Aranya Eco Village’ page, also available through our home page.


So what is this blog all about?

 Well, primarily it is to keep everyone up-to-date with our work, but also, it is network our vision to other villages throughout India. So that other people can begin to recognise their own collective potential to bring to life rural development that is ‘by people and for people’.

Currently, we are operating as a small organisation that will soon be registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) under the Indian Government. As an NGO, we require public funding to continue our work. We hope the blog will provide donors and volunteers with more of an insight into what we are up to, especially in the coming five years. We just want to keep things transparent. So if you would like to receive our updates via email, visit the bottom of our home page and click ‘subscribe’. If you prefer just dropping in from time to time or your inbox is too full already (we sympathise…), just do that, you know where we are.

Over the coming months you will get to meet the team, see the farm and all its ‘zones’, alongside all the on-farm animals and a few of our creepy-crawly friends. The blog will provide a basic introduction into types of growing, gardening and land management techniques and provide details on natural building and the workshops that will be taking place on the farm. It’s the place to really get to grips with how we’re progressing.

If the vision of Aranya Eco Village rings true for you and you want to either volunteer or donate money or resources towards the vision, please either contact us by email at or see our contact page here.

Until next time!

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